Shimadzu Scientific Instruments’ EMT series Servopulser fatigue testing machine is a new environmentally friendly option for dynamic strength testing. It operates exclusively on efficient electrical power. In addition, EMT testers do not generate waste oil or contaminate surrounding lab areas.

With closed-loop (servo) control, the Servopulser allows stable loading over a range of test forces and displacements (strain). This is ideal for dynamic or static testing of resins, rubbers, biological samples, and automobile and electronic parts.

EMT Servopulser testers are capable of fast, large movements with sine wave cycle testing at speeds up to 2 m/s. They offer stroke lengths up to ±50 mm and ±20 µm displacement amplitude at 200 Hz frequencies.

The 24-bit, rangeless Servo Controller 4830 provides high-resolution test force and movement measurements, including offset loads and contact tests, as well as unique functions to perform varied text procedures. The series offers full digital control for auto-tuning control parameters and waveform correction.

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