Henkel Corp. has introduced Loctite® 263™ threadlocker, a high-strength, single-component anaerobic threadlocker designed to permanently lock and seal threaded fasteners up to one-inch in diameter. The high-viscosity, primerless, red threadlocker cures on fasteners treated with thread lubricants and anti-corrosion/protection fluids without cleaning.

When confined in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces, it fixtures and cures rapidly. The anaerobic threadlocker performs equally on both active and passive metal surfaces, including stainless-steel and plated material without a primer.

Once fully cured and in service, Loctite 263 prevents fastener loosening and leakage caused by shock and vibration, and withstands temperatures up to 360ºF. It offers excellent resistance to a variety of industrial fluids and solvents, ensuring a leak-free seal of the threaded assembly. Localized heat and hand tools are required to disassemble fasteners treated with the threadlocker.

The product is available in 0.5 ml capsules, 10 ml tubes, and 50 ml, 250 ml or 1 liter bottles.

For more information, visit www.useloctite.com/pr.