This company has announced the availability of CoatOSilTMMP 200 silane and CoatOSil DSA 6 friction modifier.

CoatOSil MP 200 silane is the latest addition to Momentive’s CoatOSil line of silanes for protective coatings.  CoatOSil MP 200 silane has broad-based utility and can be considered for use in both solvent and water-based formulations. It can help enhance corrosion resistance and promote the adhesion of epoxy paint by creating a covalent bond linking the paint to a metal surface. In addition to acting as a useful crosslinker in many water- and solvent-based systems, CoatOSil MP 200 silane offers reduced VOC generation when compared to traditional epoxy silanes. 

CoatOSil DSA 6 friction modifier is a silicone-based resin that can be used as an additive to coatings for the improvement of performance as well as provision of a variety of slip and soft-touch characteristics. In addition to providing a marked reduction in coefficient of friction when formulated into a properly designed coating system, CoatOSil DSA 6 friction modifier has a lower specific gravity than conventional inorganic fine powders, while still offering excellent heat and chemical resistance.

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