Celanese Emulsion Polymers has announced the launch of a low-odor vinyl acetate/ethylene (VAE) emulsion, Celvolit® 149LV, to meet the new national tobacco adhesives standard in China. Celvolit 149LV balances the new standard for residual monomer level with the high-performance characteristics for which Celanese is known in the tobacco industry.

“Celvolit 149LV is much lower than the new national standard for residual monomer levels in China while still offering adhesive producers good adhesion, wet tack and shear resistance properties,” said Anna An, Celanese Emulsions Marketing manager. “We introduced Celvolit 149LV in response to the new standard, as well as increasing demand in the cigarette industry for a very low-odor emulsion that can be compounded into tipping and side-seam adhesives and will not interfere with the cigarette smell or taste.”

The new VAE emulsion boasts excellent rheology and has been tested in adhesives designed for high-speed tipping applications. The new emulsion can also be used in paper packaging adhesives for the tobacco industry, where VAE emulsions have been the standard for many years due to their extremely low odor. The advanced technical control and formulation of the new emulsion results in a low-odor, low-VOC adhesive. Celvolit 149LV is available throughout Asia.

Global Platform

As a leader in the supply of emulsions for cigarette adhesive applications, Celanese Emulsion Polymers offers a range of products to meet the requirements of the industry in all regions of the world.  Standard and tailored products available in North America, Europe and Asia support cigarette tipping, side-seam, carton and outer wrap adhesives. Specializing in VAE emulsions, Celanese offers practical alternatives to chemistries previously used in many paper and packaging adhesives applications.

Expansion Plans

Last year, Celanese announced the expansion of its VAE manufacturing facility at its Nanjing, China, integrated chemical complex. The investment will support continued growth plans for the Celanese Emulsion Polymers business throughout Asia, including China, India and Southeast Asia, and Australia. The expanded facility will double the company’s VAE capacity in the region and is expected to be operational in the first half of 2011.

“This expansion anticipates continuing strong growth for high-performing VAE emulsions in the region,” said Doug Madden, Celanese corporate executive vice president. “Celanese is committed to growth within China and across Asia, and this expansion is a solid example of our ongoing investment in the region. We recognize the importance of planning for the future growth of our Emulsions business and are preparing for growth by building upon our past success at our Nanjing facility.”

The emulsions expansion is the latest in a number of investments by Celanese in China. Nanjing is currently the largest integrated site in the Celanese global manufacturing network with six production units, including acetic acid and vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), several units from Celanese’s Ticona business, and the existing emulsions plant.

“Since our first manufacturing activities in China just over three years ago, Celanese Emulsion Polymers has grown into a thriving organization in China and is presently expanding across Asia, into India and surrounding countries, Southeast Asia, and Australia,” said Phil McDivitt, general manager of Celanese Emulsion Polymers. “As a global leader in vinyl-based chemistries, Celanese Emulsion Polymers brings innovation to our customers, and we will continue to introduce cutting-edge products such as our EcoVAE® emulsions.”

About the Emulsion Polymers Business of Celanese

The Emulsion Polymers business of Celanese is a global leader in developing products and application technology to improve performance, create value, and drive innovation in a range of industrial and consumer end-use applications, including adhesives, coatings, engineered fabrics, glass fibers, paper, and textiles. The business has manufacturing facilities worldwide and is supported by regional expert technical service. More information about the Emulsions Polymers business of Celanese is available at www.celanese-emulsions.com.

For more information in the Americas, contact David Treuba at (972) 443-4000. For more information in China, phone (86) 21-3861-9288.