3M ’s Scotch-Weld Toughened Epoxy and Acrylic Adhesives offer long-term structural reliability. The products meets changing design and production requirements for industries including aerospace, appliances, sporting goods, electronics and more.

3M says its unique toughened adhesives provide reliable performance under high stress from shock, impact and vibration. The high shear and peel strength allows the adhesives to replace many types of mechanical fasteners and welds while increasing the aesthetic quality and reducing the overall weight and cost. The line includes epoxies and acrylics that can bond to oily metal and features low odor for less impact on workers.

Scotch-Weld adhesives from 3M are available in duo-pak cartridges. Two-part formulations cure at room temperature, saving the energy cost of heat and eliminating the cold storage cost and preparation time of one-part formulations.

Designed for efficiency, the Scotch-Weld EPX II applicator from 3M dispenses a neat bead of adhesive with a simple squeeze, while the dispensing nozzle simultaneously mixes and applies the adhesive for consistent results. The products have a two-year shelf life for bulk packs and 15 months for duo-pak cartridges.

For more information, phone (800) 362-3550 or visitwww.3M.com/Toughened.