Chemtura Corp. has opened a new Application Development Center (ADC) in the Nanjing Economic & Technological Development Zone, serving as Chemtura’s technical center of excellence for its businesses in the Asia/Pacific region.

“The ADC is an immediate investment in science, laboratory technology, research, development and innovation in China,” said Craig A. Rogerson, chairman, president and chief executive officer. “It represents the kind of work and jobs that emphasize education, innovation, creativity, customer focus, and world-class solutions that Chemtura brings to the marketplace.”

Rogerson added that Chemtura “is very interested in cooperative relationships with government
economic and technological development agencies, universities and research institutes, and other engines of innovation and growth. We highly value mutual support and participation with these entities.”
The ADC consists of a group of state-of-the-art laboratories serving as a technical center of excellence for Chemtura businesses in the Asia-Pacific region, including AgroSolutions™, antioxidant/UV stabilizers, consumer products, flame retardants, petroleum additives, and urethanes.

Chemtura recently expanded its region headquarters in Shanghai, and is recruiting additional staff in Shanghai, Nanjing and elsewhere to fulfill its growth plan in China and the region.

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