Ellsworth Adhesives announced today it is an authorized distributor of Dow Corning Solar Solutions. Dow Corning is a recognized leader in silicone materials for the solar industry and offers encapsulants, PV cell and module coatings, PV junction box potting agents and adhesives, PV rail bond adhesives, and PV frame sealants, all of which are available on the Ellsworth website.
“Ellsworth welcomes the opportunity to utilize our experienced team to market and sell cost effective solar energy solutions” stated Mike McCourt, global president of Ellsworth Adhesives-Specialty Chemical Distribution.

“The Dow Corning Solar Solutions distribution agreement allows us to better serve the growing needs of the Solar Industry by providing technologically advanced products that provide solutions to key business challenges such as cost reduction, controlled carbon-footprint, improved product reliability, speed of assembly, increased long-term durability and enhanced overall energy performance,” said Roger Lee, president of Ellsworth Adhesives–ESR Group.

For more information, visitwww.ellsworth.com

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