The Spectrum® S-930N series of selective flux jetting systems is now available from Nordson Asymtek. The systems can provide accuracy and reliability, as well as improved production throughput and material usage, for selectively jetting low-viscosity flux and phase-change high-tack fluxes. The system can also be used for precise coating of other materials such as polyimides. The system is fully enclosed and vented, and includes safety interlocks and an emergency stop. A dual-lane configuration is available for high-volume production (model S-932N).

"Today's flip chip devices with dense arrays of small solder or copper bumps make jetting preferable to stencil printing and dipping," said Steve Adamson, Nordson ASYMTEK's semiconductor specialist. "For example, the dipping process performed in component placement equipment is difficult to control for flux coatings below 25 microns. Too much flux can impede underfill flow; too little flux can result in insufficient soldering."

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