Research and Markets now offers Frost & Sullivan’s “Global Automotive OEM Adhesives and Sealants Markets” report.

Adhesives and sealants play a significant role in automotive construction for aesthetic and performance reasons. Traditionally, adhesives had been used in laminating, bonding and assembling components of automotive interiors. The evolution of adhesives is significant, with modern-day adhesives playing a decisive functional role in supporting the original equipment manufacturers’ (OEMs) automobile weight-reduction strategies and meeting stringent environmental regulations to lower carbon emissions. Therefore, adhesives suppliers will assume an important role in the future automotive construction. The increasing need to bond different lightweight materials without compromising on the bonding strength is driving the adhesives and sealants markets, according to the report. In addition, the faster penetration rate of adhesives and sealants in emerging markets, such as India and China, coupled with the rising need for crash worthiness and durability of automobiles, is boosting growth in this market.

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