LANXESS recently announced it received a Communitas Award for its work around World Environment Day to educate Pittsburgh’s youth about global water issues. The awards recognize specific programs involving volunteerism, philanthropy or ethical, sustainable business practices.

The award was presented to LANXESS for a number of efforts the company helped spearhead, including “The Elements of Exploration,” a day-long event on ?, sponsoring the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh’s World Environment Day Student Summit, and sponsoring the Water Matters! Global Water Conference in Pittsburgh.

“The Communitas Award represents LANXESS’ commitment to youth education, helping shape those who can have the greatest impact on the future of water conservation and treatment,” said Randy Dearth, president and CEO. “We used World Environment Day as a platform to bring important environmental issues to the forefront and educate the community, especially our youth, about the role that science can play in addressing them.”

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