DuPont has been granted the Innovation Research Interchange (IRI) Excellence Award in Member Engagement. This award recognizes member organizations that have made significant contributions to the engagement and growth of the IRI community.

“This new award seeks to recognize, reward, and thank IRI members who have demonstrated their commitment to the innovation community through their participation in IRI. We have been truly impressed by the systematic fashion that DuPont has become involved with so many of IRI’s programs and services as well as their contributions to the content that IRI shares with the innovation community at large. A huge, heartfelt thanks and congratulations goes out to DuPont and its leadership,” said IRI Assistant Vice President for Strategic Communities Lee Green.

DuPont has inspired and influenced other member organizations through sharing its expertise, experiences, and success stories. The company has been instrumental in fostering a collaborative environment of learning and growth, both within its own organization and across the wider IRI member community to address industry-wide challenges.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by IRI with this prestigious award,” said Tucker Norton, global business manager, DuPont Electronics & Industrial. “At DuPont, we believe collaboration and partnership help deliver the sustainable innovations that transform industries and enable society to thrive. This award underscores our commitment to work alongside our member colleagues to strengthen the impact and deepen the reach of IRI within the science and innovation community.”

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