Croda Inc. recently announced its new 305 kilowatt (kW) solar energy system. The first solar panel system installed at any of the company’s facilities, the system joins other sustainable initiatives at Croda, including a wind turbine, providing power for Croda’s manufacturing facility in Hull, UK. Mercury Solar Systems engineered, designed and installed the system; EnterSolar of Newark, NJ, was the project developer.

“Croda is committed to being a responsible and ethical organization, and we have a global goal of obtaining 25% of our energy from non-fossil sources by the end of 2015,” said Kevin Gallagher, president. “Another important quality that most of our customers associate with Croda is innovation. In many ways, this solar power generation project combines our commitment to sustainability with our commitment to innovation and shows that innovation goes beyond product innovation alone. Our customers need ingredient suppliers who share their values and their commitment to sustainability and innovation in all its forms.”

The solar energy system is anticipated to provide more than 50% of the power required to run the Edison, NJ, facility, which is roughly equivalent to powering 42 average-sized homes, removing 47 equivalent autos from service or saving over 27,500 gal of gasoline each year.

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