Celanese Corp. recently announced that it will expand capacity at its Edmonton, Canada, manufacturing facility due to strong growth in strategic, high-value segments. Global EVA production increases are fueled by growth in the photovoltaic cell industry in China and strong demand for EVA in other parts of Asia. Furthermore, Celanese’s EVA business continues to create demand for EVA in innovative applications like controlled-release excipients and medical packaging.

The company is expected to increase capacity by up to 15% for higher vinyl acetate content EVA grades at the Edmonton facility in the second half of 2011.

“This capacity expansion supports our strategy of geographic growth and delivering specialty products and solutions to our customers, and enhances our ability to support customer growth globally,” said Mark Murray, general manager, EVA Performance Polymers. “As global EVA demand in multiple end-use applications increases, Celanese is making strategic investments to continue supporting the needs of industrial and consumer manufacturers worldwide.”

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