ALTANA recently announced it has acquired the can end sealants business for the metal can packaging market of U.S.-based Watson Standard Adhesives Co. (WSAC). Through an asset deal, ALTANA primarily acquired customer relationships, products, know-how and inventories. WSAC’s can end sealants business will be integrated into the ACTEGA Coatings & Sealants division. The former WSAC can end sealant products will be produced at ACTEGA’s existing site near Philadelphia and incorporated into ACTEGA Artística business.

“With the acquisition of the can end sealants business of Watson Standard Adhesives Co., we will further enhance our market position in the U.S. and strengthen our business in the area of can end sealants for metal packaging,” said Guido Forstbach, Ph.D., president of ACTEGA. “In cooperation with other ACTEGA companies, we will continue to provide WSAC’s can end sealant customers not only these well-established products but also further innovative solutions and comprehensive technical service.”

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