The Adhesive and Sealant Council, Inc. (ASC) will offer a new webinar series in February and March to help educate industry professionals and end users about additives.

The Additives & Formulating 101 webinar series, which will take place February 16 and 23 and on March 9, will feature additives and formulation instructors who are technical experts from leading adhesive and sealant companies, including Mark Anderson, Stat-Ease Inc.; Bill Arendt, Emerald Kalama Chemical; Robert Baker, JM Huber; Kurt Davidson, BASF; Dave Horwat, Wacker Polymer; Misty Huang, Momentive Performance; Ken Kumaki, Kuraray America Inc.; Dawn Mason, Eastman Chemical Co.; Bill McNamee, Croda Inc.; and Michael Orzech, Sasol Wax.

“Additives are a vital part of the creation of adhesives and sealants,” said Mark Collatz, the ASC’s director of Government Relations and coordinator of the formulation webinars. “A strong knowledge of how to use them can help companies serve customers better and ultimately increase revenues. This exciting new webinar series offers a more complete review of additives for adhesive and sealant professionals.”

The Additives & Formulating 101 webinar series is based on ASC’s two-day technical short course, but with one enhancement. In addition to a thorough review of the raw materials that go into today’s additives, the last session will explore the basics of formulating and how to design an effective, efficient experiment protocol. This is a vital, final step to testing the feasibility of an adhesive or sealant that contains an additive.

The three-part webinar series is ideal for chemists, formulators, research and development associates, engineers, technicians, and sales and marketing professionals working in the adhesive and sealant industry. In addition, members of the design engineering community who want to further their understanding of what additives are, how they enhance products that they may work with and what affect additives may have on design or functionality will benefit. Registrants enjoy a significant discount to attend all three sessions.

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