FLEXcon recently announced it has acquired the business assets of Arlon Engineered Coated Products and Arlon SignTech Ltd. of San Antonio, TX, forming FLEXcon Industrial LLC. This strategic move expands FLEXcon’s manufacturing capabilities to produce engineered products. The new FLEXcon Industrial LLC has hired all of the Arlon executives and employees.

Arlon Engineered Coated Products manufactures industrial products for numerous industries. The company coats and laminates a variety of films, foams, synthetic materials, and foils. Arlon SignTech Ltd. produces flexible PVC substrates used in outdoor signage. The new FLEXcon Industrial, LLC will continue to manufacture and sell its full line of adhesive tapes and laminates.

“FLEXcon is excited to announce the formation of FLEXcon Industrial LLC,” said Neil McDonough, president and CEO of FLEXcon. “The specialty equipment and skill set of the employees enhances our capabilities to produce adhesive tapes and laminates, and positions us for further growth in the industrial sector.”

For more information, visitwww.arlon.com orwww.flexcon.com.