Warren Rupp Inc. recently announced that its full line of Sandpiper® air-operated, double-diaphragm pumps and Tranquilizer® surge suppressors meet ATEX EC-Type and Type Examination Certification Safety Standards for potentially hazardous environments as set forth by the European Parliament and Council of the European Community. EC-Type ATEX certification allows the Sandpiper pumps to be used in all hazardous locations for both non-electrical and electrical options such as integral solenoids and pulse output kits.

KEMA Quality BV, The Netherlands, was the assigned notified body for the Sandpiper line and conducted all testing and certification for the project. The company approves all Sandpiper pumps to be completely groundable (conductive) and safe for spark-free operation in hazardous locations.

“This is one the highest safety ratings that can be achieved through a third-party agency within the pump industry,” said Greg Hughes, engineer, Warren Rupp Inc. “Reaching this milestone and having it applied to the entire Sandpiper product line says volumes about the company’s internal test standards and attention to quality.”

For additional details, phone (419) 524-8388 or visitwww.sandpiper.com.