The Green Material Profiles is a comprehensive listing of green raw materials and formulated adhesives and sealants. Use this guide throughout the year to find and formulate sustainable, green materials from renewable ingredients. To be included in the next edition, contact Managing Editor Teresa McPherson



This company, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Co., now offers Metatin Katalysator 1230 Catalyst, a dimethyltin catalyst that was developed as a new option for companies using dibutyltin and dioctylin catalysts.

The new catalyst offers excellent reactivity and ease of formulation in products ranging from polyurethanes to polysilicones. It can replace dioctyltin catalysts and dibutyltin catalysts, according to the company. Metatin Katalysator 1230 is self classified as CMR Cat 3, pending ECHA review.

“When compared to the performance benefits of other organometallic compounds, Metatin Katalysator 1230 Catalyst performs better than existing dibutyltin catalysts,” said Cord Manegold, marketing manager. “The key benefit is a fast and reliable response, as well as having one of the more favorable regulatory profiles among organotin catalysts.”



This company, a division of Franklin International, offers a technology that enables the production of permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that are free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEs). APEs, which can be damaging to aquatic environments, are used in the manufacture of many common consumer products and often end up in wastewater treatment plants. Sludge from treated wastewater streams is used for agricultural applications and can travel into streams and rivers, where APEs degrade into toxic chemicals that can damage the health and reproduction of birds, fish, and mammals.

Franklin Adhesives & Polymers’ APE-free PSAs are offered under the Covinax®, Micronax® and Acrynax® families.

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The GREENGUARD Environmental Institute has announced the launch of its new website. Improvements include:
  • Redesigned Site Structure and Navigation.New site structure features four distinct sections custom-designed for key audiences: manufacturers; architects/designers; owners/builders; and consumers.
  • Upgraded GREENGUARD Product Guide. The new GREENGUARD website offers a search interface that is faster and more intuitive. An additional search option allows users to search by credits in LEED, CHPS, Green Guide for Heathcare, ASHRAE 189.1 or Green Star.
  • Additional Resources. The new Technical Center offers an assortment of additional resources that provide information on indoor air quality and GREENGUARD testing procedures and certification criteria.
  • Communication Tools. Share favorite content instantly via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook or a number of other social media by simply clicking on the share button found at the bottom of each page.


Solventless Adhesive System

The new FlextraSLFast™ solventless adhesive system allows converters to laminate at up to 1,800 ft/min, slit in as few as six hours and PAA decay in as few as two days. The system enables a package to be laminated, slit, pouched and shipped, and then filled and shipped with finished goods in as few as three days.

“To support our customers with their challenges in the rapidly growing area of flexible packaging converting, we continually enlist our formulating knowledge and experience to develop innovative adhesive formulations that meet their evolving needs,” said Bill Bricker, business development manager. “H.B. Fuller’s new FlextraSL Fast solventless adhesive system addresses some rigorous demands from end-users for innovative flexible packaging laminations.”

The new adhesives meet many processing needs with one formulation. The system’s chemistry allows for excellent appearance and adhesion to many substrates, including typical cellophane, nylon, OPP, PET, and high-slip sealant films. The adhesives are compatible with most water-based inks, even on PET.


Sustainable Tote-Recovery Brochure

A new brochure from Henkel explains the company’s tote recovery program, including details of what customers need to know to participate. Henkel has partnered with National Container Group (NCG) to provide Henkel customers with a quick, simple way to return empty, serviceable plastic totes after use, according to Isabelle Valois, Channel Marketing and Development manager of Henkel Corp. “In this sustainable packaging recovery program, NCG picks up totes from our customers, washes them and reintroduces them into the supply chain.”

“By cleaning and reusing the plastic 275-gal totes instead of discarding them, the Tote Return Program eliminates the production of 2.3 million lbs of virgin resin a year,” said Stephanie Learman, Henkel Purchasing director. “Because the steel cages that hold the totes are also reused, production of 4.5 million lbs of new steel is eliminated as well.”


U.S. Website Updated for Green

MAPEI has retooled its U.S. website to meet the needs of contractors and architects. The company has added information on green initiatives, including a tutorial for understanding the components of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building rating and certification system.

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) system is being used more frequently by architects in designing buildings and by contractors in bidding for projects from those designs. MAPEI’s “Tools for Architects” links to ARCAT and other systems where complete MAPEI systems can be located in BIM format to add to designs. In addition, new non-proprietary CAD drawings and specifications following the TCNA 2011 Handbook for Ceramic, Glass and Stone Tile Installations have been placed in this section of the website.

“MAPEI products play an important role in flooring installations and concrete restoration,” said Steven Day, manager of Operational Marketing for MAPEI. “We are always working to make our products easier for the construction community to specify and use, and we feel that our new U.S. website features will put those benefits at their fingertips.”


Sausage Filling Capacity

This company has installed a new sausage filling machine that will enable it to fill 10- and 20-oz sausages, as well as custom sizes. Sausage containers are environmentally friendly and take up less than 1/10th the landfill space as cartridges.

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