Arkema Emulsion Systems has recently made a number of personnel announcements: Brian Vallieu has been named plant manager for the company’s Alsip, IL, plant; Don Eastepp has been named plant manager at the facility in St. Charles, LA; and Charles Pages has been named manager of the Torrance, CA, plant.

Vallieu joined Dow Chemical as a production engineer in 1994 and has worked in multiple latex production facilities since 2002. He will be responsible for organizational design; managing business demand; and achieving company targets for cost, asset utilization and HES performance at the Alsip facility.

Eastepp joined Union Carbide Corp. as a production engineer in Torrance more than 10 years ago. He has held many production-related positions since then, including improvement engineer, senior improvement specialist and business improvement specialist.

Pages joined Union Carbide in 1993 and, until 2007, managed multiple facets of plant operations at the Torrance facility, including maintenance, laboratory quality control, production, and numerous product development scale-ups.

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