MACtac® Printing Products recently announced it has received Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 969 recognition for 13 thermal transfer ribbons within its durable films product line. UL, an independent product safety testing and certification organization, has been defining safety standards for more than a century. UL 969 is now a standard certification of the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and is designated ANSI/UL 969.

This standard for safety contains basic requirements for adhesive-attached labels for use as nameplates or markers bearing information, instructions or identification. Testing includes exposing the bonded material to both indoor- and outdoor-use conditions, which include immersion in water, and extended exposure to select high and low temperatures. In addition, the sample is aged in a standard outdoor accelerated weathering device that provides both intense ultraviolet (UV) light and water spray exposure.

“With the ANSI/UL 969 recognition, we can now save our label converters and end users valuable time that is involved in qualifying thermal transfer ribbon for UL-compliant labels,” said Kim Hensley, product manager. “We are continually augmenting our offerings to ensure all our durable product solutions are recognized to meet the latest industry regulations.”

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