FLEXcon recently announced that it is successfully supporting biomimetic technologies in partnership with Sharklet Technologies. The collaboration has allowed Sharklet Technologies to create the world’s first technology that inhibits bacterial growth through a chemical-free micro-texture. The surface protection product will be used in environments where bacteria pose a health risk.

Sharklet Technologies’ core technology, Sharklet™, is inspired by the microbe-resistant properties of sharkskin and is the first no-kill, non-toxic and environmentally friendly surface designed to inhibit bacterial growth. Sharklet Technologies reportedly selected FLEXcon because the film specialist proved to be the only manufacturer that could successfully image the patented, microscopic texture on film in large production rolls.

“FLEXcon’s application expertise, technology leadership and collaborative spirit have enabled Sharklet Technologies to innovate and bring this revolutionary product to market,” said Mark Spiecker, CEO of Sharklet Technologies. “We are appreciative to have a strong relationship with FLEXcon, who not only manufactures our technology with precision, but satisfies our rigorous demands for quality and quantity. This success provides a foundation for future Sharklet-patterned products, which are intended to revolutionize the way humans and microbes co-exist.”

Sharklet Technologies’ film-based surface protection products can be applied to germ-prone surfaces to reduce the presence of bacteria. These films can be converted into adhesive-backed “skins” for application to high-touch, bacteria-prone areas such as hospital surfaces, public restrooms, childcare facilities, commercial venues, laboratories and animal research facilities. The film may also be manufactured into the top layer of workspace mats to create immediate and moveable surface protection.

LGInternational, a Portland, OR-based manufacturer of bacteria inhibition products designed to protect environmental surfaces and decrease bacterial attachment, survival, and touch transference, is the first company to sell a bacteria-inhibiting film-based product under the Tactivex™ brand. Tactivex has been used into healthcare facilities, research laboratories and other settings where bacterial inhibition is desired.

“Thanks to FLEXcon and Sharklet Technologies’ collaborative effort, we are able to bring our Tactivex products with the Sharklet pattern to market, to address a primary need in environmental hygiene-keeping surfaces cleaner between cleanings without the use of chemicals and toxins,” said Mike Martin, president and owner of LGInternational. “We are excited to bring Tactivex mats and skins to market and emphasize the value of this revolutionary approach to bacterial control.”

For more information, visitwww.sharklet.comorwww.flexcon.com.