For the 18th consecutive year since the program began, Eastman Chemical Co. has earned energy efficiency awards from the American Chemistry Council (ACC). As part of the Responsible Care® program, the ACC honors specific projects that have achieved distinction in reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Eastman received six of the 48 awards presented to 17 member companies.

“Eastman is honored to be awarded again,” said Jim Rogers, CEO. “This recognition demonstrates Eastman’s commitment to being a sustainable company. We will continue to focus our efforts on improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Combined, the winning projects save over 386,000 MMBTUs and 37,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually-enough energy to power 10,000 homes and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from over 6,000 cars.

“Eastman is constantly looking for ways to drive energy improvements,” said Ray Ratheal, director of Energy and Climate Change Policy, Feedstock, and Energy Procurement. “These six winning projects are innovative examples of achieving energy efficiency through creative redesign, exploration and trials with new types of equipment, initiation of control strategies, and operational changes.”

The company has reduced greenhouse gas intensity by 27% over the last 10 years and energy intensity by 38% over 15 years. For 2010, Eastman reduced energy intensity another 6%, with energy savings of 3 million MMBTUs and 275,000 fewer tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

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