Arkema recently announced it has combined the assets of its existing Arkema Emulsion Systems with those recently acquired from TOTAL to form Arkema Coating Resins. With more than 20 coating production facilities, six dedicated R&D labs, and multiple sales and management offices, Arkema Coating Resins is now reportedly one of the largest producers of raw materials for coating formulators in the world. The new business offers chemistries for adhesives, sealants, architectural coatings, industrial finishes, powder coatings, construction products, traffic paints, inks and graphic arts products.

“Everything we do is based around the needs of the formulators,” said Richard Jenkins, the newly appointed global group president for Arkema Coating Resins. “This new business unit gives us the scope-in terms of technology, product lines and manufacturing sites, along with the global presence to meet those needs-in ways few suppliers can. Arkema Coating Resins will provide the chemistry, expertise, and reliable global supply our customers need to remain competitive and meet the challenges of the industry today.”

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