Kuraray Co. Ltd. recently announced the startup of its local Brazilian subsidiary, Kuraray South America. The new subsidiary will serve as a base to undertake sales and market development of Kuraray Group products in South America, reflecting the importance of accelerating global strategies for Kuraray’s core businesses.

“Brazil and the rest of South America have enjoyed remarkable growth, making the region an indispensable aspect of Kuraray’s global strategy,” said Fumio Ito, president. “In particular, amid forecasts that Brazil will continue to experience significant economic growth, I am certain that Kuraray Group technologies and products will make a major contribution to Brazil’s development.”

Kuraray South America will be used as a base for marketing the group’s products, with the aim of further promoting the development of the South American market, which displays considerable growth potential.

For more information, visitwww.kuraray.co.jp.