Univar Inc. recently announced that it has acquired Arinos, a leading chemical distributor in Brazil.

“We are extremely pleased to announce the acquisition of Arinos,” said John Zillmer, president and CEO of Univar. “Arinos has a highly complementary business model to Univar, and provides a strong platform for future growth in the large and rapidly growing Brazilian chemical distribution market.”

Arinos has relationships with over 60 chemical manufacturers, and delivers over 1,600 products to more than 6,500 customers in diverse end markets. Arinos has also developed over 20 branded products through its formulation business.

“Arinos and Univar have very similar approaches to the market,” said Terry Hill, executive vice president of Industry Relations and president of Emerging Markets for Univar. “Each company has very strong supplier relationships and is focused on providing high value-added services and deep industry expertise to customers.”

For more information, visitwww.arinos.com.brorwww.univar.com.