New Customer Application Center allows customers in Australia and New Zealand to gain access to state-of-the-art testing laboratories and innovative formulations.

Ribbon cutting ceremony with (from left) Henry Chin, regional commercial manager, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand; Rick Strittmatter, global R&D director, Dow Microbial Control; Mark Henning, global general manager, Dow Microbial Control; and John Williamson, sales director, Thermosets South Asia.

Visitors tour the Dow Microbial Control Customer Application Center in Altona, Melbourne.

Dow Microbial Control recently opened its new Customer Application Center (CAC) in Melbourne, allowing its customers in Australia and New Zealand to gain access to state-of-the-art testing laboratories and innovative formulations, in line with local regulatory requirements. Senior management from Dow Microbial Control, including Mark Henning, global general manager of Dow Microbial Control; Rick Strittmatter, global research and development director for Dow Microbial Control; John Williamson, sales director of Thermosets South Asia for Dow Chemical (Australia) Ltd.; and Henry Chin, regional commercial manager for Southeast Asia, Australia, and New Zealand were joined by more than 60 customers from industries such as coatings and gas and oil.

The Dow Microbial Control Academy also conducted its first training courses in Australia, focusing on the latest technologies and trends in microbial control. Following the launch event, guests were invited to tour the new facility in Altona, Melbourne, gaining insights into microbial solutions specific to the Asia-Pacific region.

As a continually developing industry, the global biocides and specialty chemicals industries are growing at an average of 10-15%, with Australia and New Zealand experiencing year-on-year growth rates in these key areas of about 8%. In particular, shale gas is one new area of business that is expected to drive the market in the next five years, as Australia prepares to harness this untapped natural gas resource.

“With new energy sources, an area that deals with complex microbial challenges, becoming increasingly important in Australia, we feel this is a timely opportunity to launch the Customer Application Center in Melbourne,” said Henning. “The facility will be a valuable resource to various industries that require innovative and expert knowledge to help solve new challenges to microbial problems. Customers can work together with experts to address microbial control needs and develop unique product formulations that will help us meet local regulations and environmental standards and conditions.

“Dow Microbial Control seeks to empower our customers to handle any microbial challenge by delivering on our commitment to provide customers access to global leadership and resources at the local level. Our facility in Altona, Melbourne, offers the latest science and technology, backed by a dedicated team of experts who are passionate and experienced to solve microbial challenges unique to Australia and New Zealand.”

The new facility supports customers throughout Australia and New Zealand by offering on-site Dow Microbial Control application experts who have regional experience in developing antimicrobial solutions for products and systems. In addition, the academy headquartered in Singapore serves as a key resource for customers in the Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand region. The academy is designed to provide customers with access to educational opportunities, regulatory support, technical expertise, and R&D tools to attain the best solution to specific microbial control challenges that can result in further efficiencies and cost savings.

The new facility in Melbourne will reportedly aid in the company’s market expansion across Australia and New Zealand. With 12 CACs throughout the world, Dow Microbial Control has a global network of microbial control experts. The facility in Australia features state-of-the-art laboratories containing dedicated application and testing laboratories that are staffed with industry experts and equipment to explore new and innovative formulations.

Visitors tour the Dow Microbial Control Customer Application Center in Altona, Melbourne.

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