WACKER recently announced it has started operating several silicone-polymer production lines at its Burghausen site. The lines are for high-purity specialty silicones, encapsulation, and coating compounds, as well as UV-activated silicones for the medical, LED, and electronics industries. As these products must meet particularly high quality and purity requirements, a new cleanroom facility was added to the site.

The new facility reportedly sets standards in the manufacture of high-purity silicones. It meets WACKER’s Clean Operations principles and thus fulfills quality and purity standards otherwise only typical of the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries.

“In general, this plant is operating according to selected Good Manufacturing Practice principles, which makes it one of a kind worldwide,” said Bernd Pachaly, Ph.D., head of the Engineering Silicones business unit.

The new clean-operations facility produces SILPURAN® and ELASTOSIL® silicone elastomers for medical applications, as well as highly specialized LUMISIL®, SEMICOSIL®, and WACKER SilGel® silicone products for encapsulating and coating electronic components. There is also a production line for UV silicones.

For more information, visitwww.wacker.com.