Performa™ ultra-high-temperature barcode labels can help manufacturers identify individual pieces of glass through every stage of production and distribution. Unlike other barcode labels, however, these labels have a patented acrylic adhesive that can reportedly be removed totally residue-free, even after long-term exposure to high-temperature processing.

“Every glass manufacturing operation would benefit from Performa barcode labels, especially those producing flat glass, insulated glass and tempered glass,” said John Starkey, national sales director. “Performa labels can be placed on hot, post-tempered glass and remain on for extended periods of time without impairing their ability to be cleanly and easily removed.”

According to Starkey, Performa labels were thoroughly tested by a third-party laboratory against micro-thin glass coatings with no hint of out-gassing or residue. The labels can accept most types of printing ink systems, including solvent, UV ink, aqueous and thermal transfer.

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