Tremco Inc. recently announced it has completed the renovation of its 40-year-old headquarters, which achieved Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certification from the US Green Building Council. Built in 1969-1970, the 46,000-sq-ft structure had grown outdated, with single-pane windows, an imbalanced HVAC system, a gravel roof, and other features that made it use energy inefficiently and, at times, resulted in an uncomfortable working environment. Rather than move to a new facility, Tremco chose to renovate the building, making it an example of what is possible in sustainable construction.

Sustainable features were incorporated throughout the building, including four types of sustainable roofing systems from Tremco Roofing and Building Maintenance. The building features a vegetated roof featuring 46 species with almost 16,000 plants, including herbs used in the company cafeteria, and a thin film module rooftop PV system for renewable energy.

In addition, the company sent nothing to landfills during the renovation. Everything removed was recycled, reused or burned for energy. For example, asphalt removed from the roof was mixed with asphalt from a highway resurfacing project and used to patch the parking lot, while blinds and fixtures were donated to Habitat for Humanity. Tremco has implemented a zero landfill policy at its headquarters.

“Transforming our headquarters into a high-performance building that is energy efficient, uses less water, employs renewable energy sources, and reduces operating costs substantially from prior levels is a powerful statement about our commitment to developing and providing integrated, environmentally friendly construction solutions,” said Randy Korach, president. “We have provided building owners and managers with sustainable solutions for decades, and look forward to helping our customers continue to achieve these same kinds of outcomes.”

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