This company’s new 2600-093 Micro-Kiss™ series mix-dispense valves are designed for the low-flow mixing and dispensing of two-component adhesives and sealants such as silicones, epoxies, urethanes, and acrylics. The valves can be used to apply two-part adhesives and sealants for bonding, gasketing, potting and filling processes in aerospace, appliance, contractor, defense, electronics, filters, marine, medical, sporting goods, automotive, truck, and bus component dispensing applications.

The valves are based on the company’s Micro-Kiss No-Drip® valve body design for low-flow fluid control using bayonet-style static mixers. The No-Drip design feature integrates carbide ball-end needles with carbide seats for long life dispensing of viscous and abrasive materials.

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