The global healthcare packaging market is expected to reach $93.9 billion in 2012, according to Visiongain. Factors affecting drug demand and consumption, as well the development of medical practices, are expected to determine the growth of this market. In addition, as a vital industry, the healthcare packaging market is directly linked to economic development. As emerging economies grow, demand for healthcare packaging will increase, further strengthening the market.

The global healthcare packaging market is constantly challenged with evolving trends, such as the increased use of disposable medical products; an aging population; rising costs of raw materials, transportation and energy; cost pressures on suppliers; influence of regulations; outsourcing/contract packaging; and child-resistant/senior-friendly and tamper-evident packaging. Countries continue to invest in healthcare development and corresponding strong demand is expected for healthcare packaging, allowing for robust market growth. In addition, innovations driven by consumer preferences and environmental concerns will create new and exciting opportunities in the healthcare packaging market.

As the global healthcare packaging market adapts to regional shifts on the demand and supply side, the future of the industry will look different, allowing for growth opportunities. Globally, changing attitudes toward climate change, together with recent developments in medical technology, will provide new sources of demand growth. In the Asia-Pacific region, increased drug production and infrastructure development will dominate growth. Outsourcing and medical tourism will support further growth opportunities.

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