These companies recently announced the joint launch of E-MAX 903-E, a new light-cure conformal coating. The coating, which will be distributed worldwide exclusively by Ellsworth Adhesives, was engineered to cure with UV and visible light using DYMAX’s broad-spectrum and LED curing equipment. The product also features a secondary moisture-cure mechanism for ambient cure in shadowed areas. E-MAX 903-E can reportedly provide high chemical resistance, low viscosity, and a tack-free cure immediately upon cooling after light exposure.

“We are excited about the joint launch of E-MAX 903-E with DYMAX Corp.,” said Roger Lee, president, ESR group, Ellsworth Adhesives. “With exclusive distribution rights, our engineering sales force has become well-versed in the new product, and we are confident that E-MAX 903-E will exceed the requirements of our various customers in the electronics industries.”

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