This company has introduced a new series of Planiprep™ surface preparation products that installers can reportedly use with minimum equipment requirements. The three new products include Planiprep AR (adhesive remover), which can soften and lift old latex adhesive residues from the concrete subfloor; Planiprep SA (scouring agent), which can eliminate any adhesive remover residue and etches the concrete; and Planiprep ET (epoxy treatment), which reportedly caps the concrete subfloor to control moisture emission rates and prepare the floor to accept new adhesives.

“We are always looking at ways to improve installation processes for flooring contractors,” said Jeff Johnson, business manager for the Floor Covering Installation Systems line. “With the Planiprep surface preparation products, we are offering a time- and labor-saving method of getting the majority of concrete subfloors ready for a new covering.”

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