The Loparex Group recently announced a significant investment in its European operation for release liner production. The company’s Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, production facility will reportedly be equipped with an extensive capacity and capability expansion by the third quarter of this year.

The expansion project reportedly includes the installation of a new, state-of-the-art, high-speed silicone coating line, as well as upgrades to existing silicone coating lines and the poly-coating extrusion line. The expansion is expected to enhance the facility’s ability to deliver new-generation products for Loparex’s customers.

“Today’s converting and end-use markets are demanding higher levels of performance, versatility, and efficiencies from release liners, and we want to continue to support our customers with the advanced products they need,” said Theo Wilting, managing director of Loparex Europe. “Every segment-whether it is pressure-sensitive graphic arts, specialty tapes, or medical disposables-has its own particular requirements, and new markets outside the traditional pressure-sensitive applications are developing fast. The expanded European facility will increase Loparex’s ability to provide the industry’s most versatile portfolio of release liners and films, along with product development and technical service to serve our European and global customer base.”

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