This company’s new dual-station XYZ robotic dispensing system is designed to improve adhesive dispensing and product assembly by eliminating problems such as the need to speed up production, adhesive out of position, too much or not enough adhesive, excess waste, scrap or repairs, and high production costs. The robotic dispensing systems can reportedly dispense one- and two-part adhesives and sealants such as silicone, epoxy, urethane and acrylic for bonding, gasketing, potting, encapsulating, molding, and sealing applications. The robot and dispensing system stores all the dispensing programs created for every different part; programs can be quickly recalled to start a production cycle.

The system can provide multiple capabilities for current and future production, such as the ability to apply adhesive to two different parts having two different beads paths; the ability to apply two different adhesives to parts; or to maximize the production rate for identical parts. Within each dispensing program, the adhesive or sealant can be applied at different flow rates to ensure proper material bead size or material flow to eliminate air entrapment.

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