This company, a subsidiary of Emerald Performance Materials, offers ANTAROL™ FJ601, a new defoamer that meets the performance challenges of today’s low-VOC waterborne architectural coatings. The material is reportedly a highly effective, low-VOC defoamer tailored to meet the needs of coatings manufacturers in the Latin America market.

“Emerald’s new water-based defoamer addresses a key need for low-VOC content, while providing the performance and value customers expect,” said Francisco Jimenez, sales director. “Our ANTAROL defoamer line has been known for providing premier quality and performance for more than two decades. The combination of our new formulation with our process know-how has produced a product that provides superior foam knock down and persistence compared to others of its type on the market. ANTAROL FJ601 is a great alternative for customers looking for a lower VOC product than traditional mineral oil-based products.”

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