Waste from the plant was reduced from more than 1 million lbs. in 2008.

Loparex, a leading global manufacturer of release liners, recently announced that its Hammond, WI, manufacturing plant has achieved landfill-free status. This means that the company is now directing 99% of all of its waste away from landfills.

The accomplishment is the latest in a series of green initiatives. In June 2010, Loparex launched a “going green” program across all of its locations in the Americas and named Jim Miller, who serves as Business Development director of the Hammond facility, as its corporate champion. In 2008, more than 1 million lbs. of waste per month was being transported to the landfill from Hammond alone. As of May 2011, waste has been reduced to 35,000 lbs.

Although these numbers are not typical, the success of the Hammond plant in 2011 began a company-wide push to sustainability. Miller now heads a green team that includes seven other employees across the nation. Through a combined team effort that includes best practices, cross-functional ideas, and help from outside the organization, the team has begun to make a difference on the Loparex Green initiatives.

Miller estimates that 20% of his time is devoted to green initiatives and that 10% of the other members’ time is set aside for green tasks and data generation. Based on those numbers, Loparex has dedicated the equivalent of a full-time employee toward the effort.

Loparex also continues to attain various green certifications such as L.I.F.E., strives for further reduction in greenhouse gases, and promotes ways to reduce waste in its corporate facilities and offices. The office recycling program includes replacing Styrofoam cups and providing each employee with water bottles and coffee mugs, using rechargeable batteries, and recycling light bulbs.

For more information, visit www.loparex.com.