CAS-MI recently announced it has been renamed EAG Coatings Solutions. This rebranding reportedly emphasizes the company’s strong commitment to coatings product development and analytical problem solving, while also reflecting its recent inclusion as one of Evans Analytical Group’s 20 worldwide laboratories.

Initially established in 1943, the facility supplies analytical and development services to large and small entrepreneurial companies in the coatings industry. The company became CAS-MI Laboratories in 2004, and launched the CAS-MI Innovation Center in 2009 after moving to a new 11,000-sq-ft facility in Ypsilanti, MI.

The company was acquired by Evans Analytical Group (EAG) in April 2011. Headquartered in Santa Clara, CA, EAG has an international network of laboratories, focused on all aspects of materials characterization and electronic testing, enabling customers to accelerate their R&D, deliver their products to the marketplace more quickly, and to provide third-party independent verification of materials.

“EAG Coatings Solutions has successfully assisted entrepreneurs and international companies in product development for innovative paint and coating technologies for many years,” said Stephen C. Hall, vice president and general manager of EAG Coatings Solutions. “Our new name emphasizes both our development capabilities and our analytical support services.”

“Our Michigan facility transforms innovative concepts into commercial products, decreasing our customers’ time to market,” said Harry Davoody, CEO. “We welcome their new identity into EAG’s expanding network of highly specialized and unique laboratories.”

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