Nordson ASYMTEK recently announced it has received the 2011 Global Technology Award in the category of LED Production Equipment for its Spectrum™ S-922 LED jetting system for dispensing silicone. The award, presented in November at the Productronica Trade Fair in Munich, Germany, recognizes the best new innovations in the printed circuit assembly and packaging industries. This was the fourth time Nordson ASYMTEK has won a Global Technology award.

Nordson ASYMTEK’s jet dispenser can enable sticky silicon phosphor to be dispensed into extremely small and hard-to-reach cavities for side-view LEDs. Silicone phosphor dispensing is critical for LED color quality. The system uses a jet for non-contact dispensing, jetting 0.1-0.2 mm dots through windows as small as 0.4 mm into LED cavities. Unlike a needle, the jet retracts much less for silicone break-off, reportedly dispensing multiple shots faster, thus increasing speed and throughput.

“We are pleased that our LED dispensing system has received international recognition,” said Greg Hartmeier, business unit vice president. “This closed-loop system eliminates time-consuming and costly operator adjustment, is easier to set up and maintain, and keeps the jetting and encapsulation processes for LEDs under machine control. Cost of ownership is reduced due to increased yield, less downtime, savings on consumables, and reduced operator intervention.”

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