Trelleborg Sealing Solutions recently marked the 50thanniversary of its Turcon® sealing material. From airplanes and spacecraft to prosthetics and wind turbines, Turcon has been used for a range of applications. The material is reportedly a part of—and has made possible—some of the most innovative engineering advancements in the last half-century. 

Trelleborg has brought together customers such as Boeing and Eaton; former executives from Busak+Shamban and Trelleborg; and engineers, researchers, manufacturers, and others who have been involved with Turcon over the years for a multimedia retrospective. The celebration includes a website with photos, videos and first-person contributions from a variety of people in the industry. In addition, a commissioned, hand-painted mural showing Turcon’s impact over the decades will be unveiled.

“The brand started with W.S. Shamban in 1962 and if you look at all the engineers who are in the market today, they don’t recognize the Trelleborg name with the Turcon brand,” said Nancy Getz, product manager. “That’s what makes this anniversary so important.”

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