Atlas Material Testing Technology recently announced it has entered into an alliance with SGS, a leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company, which will reportedly allow for the expansion of the Atlas 25+ PV module durability test program. As a result of the Atlas-SGS collaboration, the standard Atlas 25+ exposure and testing protocol is expected to be enhanced beginning in July with the availability of two new versions of the program: a six-month streamlined “basic” program for those needing faster results, and an expanded 12-month “premium” offering that includes additional climate factors and performance measurements.

SGS will offer Atlas 25+ as both a stand-alone program and as an optional part of its larger SGS –PV Performance Tested model, which includes options for corrosive gas (e.g., NH3), salt mist, fire, and potential-induced-degradation (PID) resistance among others. Modules passing these tests, including Atlas 25+, will be called to the SGS–PV Performance Tested marks.

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