A new global website, siliconesinfo.com, reportedly demonstrates the innovative and wide-ranging uses of silicones.

“Siliconsinfo.comis a one-stop-shop for consumers interested in discovering how silicones are used to improve their daily lives,” said Peter Cartwright, chair of the Global Silicones Council Global Coordinating Committee. “We believe that consumers will be fascinated by the variety of ways that silicone innovation positively impacts their lives and the world around them.”

With the tagline “Silicones: Inspiring Innovation,” the website highlights how silicone-based materials are used at work, play, and home in everything from cars and computers to cookware and athletic equipment. The site explains how silicone is formed from silicon and oxygen atoms and how it can take many forms—from liquids to solids—that allow for a variety of commercial uses. Silicones are present in many consumer products thanks to a unique combination of properties that include outstanding resilience, malleability and bonding abilities.

For additional information, visit www.globalsilicones.com