Allegro™ elastic attachment nozzles reportedly can uniformly apply hot-melt adhesive to elastic strands using an air-assisted contact coating technology for precise adhesive deposition. Concentrated delivery of hot-melt adhesive to individual elastic strands can enhance bond integrity for improved creep resistance. Applications for single- or multi-strand attachment include elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waistbands on disposable nonwovens infant diapers, training pants, and adult incontinence products.

The patent-pending nozzles reportedly accommodate high-speed production while supporting elastic centers as close as 2 mm. Integral strand guides can stabilize strand position, and post-adhesive application process air forms the adhesive around each individual elastic strand. Low coating variability can be achieved, as well as add-on rates as low as 0.025 g per coated meter, to optimize adhesive efficiency and maximize product performance.

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