This company, a product group of OK International and a provider of fluid-dispensing systems and products, has announced the addition of a 32-pitch TS7000 model to the TS7000 valve series. The new equipment is available in four sizes: 32-, 16-, 8- standard and 8-pitch high output. The new, finer 32-pitch feed screw is designed to dispense microdot sizes (as small as 0.010 in. or 0.25 mm diameter) with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

The valve can provide fast, repeatable dispensing of medium- to high-viscosity fluids and pastes. Typical applications include small-dot dispensing of dispensable-grade solder pastes, silver epoxies, surface-mount adhesives, dispensing beads of structural adhesives, cavity and cam filling, and glob top dispensing.

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