Although biocides are usually added in comparatively low quantities to the final product, market research institute Ceresana forecasts global revenues of almost $7.3 billion in 2019. The prices of biocides vary considerably depending on the type of product, thus constituting a crucial influence on revenues generated in the various fields of application. Sectors such as paints, disinfectants and smaller niche applications, in particular, use biocides that are substantially more expensive than products applied in applications such as water treatment. In quantitative terms, as far as consumption of biocides is concerned, the dominating area on the market for biocides is industrial and public water treatment.

The report also examines large regional and application-related differences and how the market situation for various types of biocides is developing. For example, the highest revenues in 2011 were generated with biocides based on halogen compounds, followed by metallic and organosulfur compounds. Demand for halogen biocides is mainly influenced by the water treatment sector. In this application area, biocides are facing strong competition by other chemical products and alternative measures such as UV radiation or ultra-filtration.

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