New adhesive and substrate platforms that use an advanced 100% solid pressure-sensitive adhesive coating technology are now available. Visoderm™ reportedly offers excellent skin-friendly properties, including low migratory issues and controlled moisture permeability for the construction of a host of advanced wound care devices and dressings.

After more than four years of development and significant investments in R&D, MACtac is able to launch this technology to the broad market. “Advanced wound care is the largest market in healthcare for pressure-sensitive adhesives,” said Steven Sargeant, Ph.D., general manager of MACtac Medical Products. “Visoderm materials are produced in our new world-class coating facility, demonstrating ease of use for a host of advanced applications, all with a highly cost-effective platform.”

Designed specifically for wound care dressings, PICC line and IV dressing constructions, negative wound care therapies and the like, the adhesives reportedly offer excellent patient comfort properties and several innovations that allow for fast and efficient converting of the Visoderm substrates.

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