Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc. recently that it has broken ground on a joint venture manufacturing facility with UPC Technology Corp. The facility will reportedly produce Momentive Breaks Ground on China Joint Venture-bodyspecialty phenolic resins and be operated by Zhenjiang Momentive Union Specialty Chemicals Ltd., which was established in Zhenjiang, mainland China, in August by Momentive Union Specialty Chemicals Ltd.

The new joint venture facility, which will produce specialty phenolic resins, is located in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu, China, and is adjacent to an existing UPC Technology manufacturing complex. This construction reportedly represents the first portion of a two-phase project, which will create an 80 KT/year specialty phenolic resins facility. The new plant will produce a range of specialty novolac and resole phenolic resins, which will be provided under several of Momentive’s trade names. These materials are used in applications including refractories, friction, abrasives and electronics.

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