A new natural-based tackifier for EVA packaging hot-melt adhesives is now available. SYLVAPACKTMRE 100 RC reportedly exhibits significantly improved char performance Arizona Tackifier-bodyof EVA hot melts, compared to C5/C9 tackifiers or conventional rosin ester tackifiers.

Adhesive-related downtime in packaging operations is caused by the oxidative degradation of the adhesive, which can be caused by the oxidative degradation of the polymer as well as the tackifier in the adhesive system. SYLVAPACK RE 100 RC was reportedly designed to be less susceptible to oxidation in the hot-melt unit relative to C5/C9 and conventional rosin ester tackifiers.

When EVA hot melts made with the tackifier are compared to those made with conventional rosin esters and hydrocarbon tackifiers, by oxidative DSC, color and viscosity change on aging, and rate of char formation during extended field trials, SYLVAPACK RE 100 RC reportedly provides a much more oxidatively stable product.

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