This company’s aerospace transparencies group announced it is introducing kits for repairing exterior moisture seals (or hump seals) of windshields on general-aviation aircraft during the National Business Aviation Association annual meeting and convention.

“These new kits provide general-aviation aircraft owners and operators everything they need to repair a seal to OEM specification on an installed windshield and extend service life,” said Aaron Anderson, global segment manager, Transparencies Repair Services for PPG Aerospace.

Wind, rain and sun exposure can cause a windshield’s exterior moisture seal to degrade over time, Anderson said. Keeping the seal in good shape maintains protection against moisture ingress that can affect service life.

Seventeen types of kits have been created for repairing windshield moisture seals on various general-aviation aircraft, including Bombardier, Cessna, Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft, Piaggio and Pilatus airplanes. The kits contain chromate-free PR-1425CF windshield sealant and PR-1861 adhesion promoter by PPG Aerospace, as well as a hump seal forming tool.

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