The global market for specialty pressure-sensitive tapes continues to grow at a healthy rate around the world, according to a new market study from AWA Alexander Watson Associates. “Global Specialty Pressure-Sensitive Tape Market Study & Sourcebook 2012” examines future opportunities by sector, geography and materials.  

World production of specialty tapes grew 4.5% in 2011 over the prior year, with the Asia-Pacific region taking the majority share. Pressure-sensitive specialty tapes may feature differential adhesives (e.g., permanent and removable) on the two sides of the carrier. In addition to being applied in the reel, they may be die-cut to singles for use in individual structural bonding, fastening/holding and gasketing applications. This versatility has reportedly driven their acceptance in many industries, such as automotive, aerospace, electrical and electronics (including white goods), building and construction, defense and military, medical, and hygiene.

While North America and Europe have adopted specialty tapes very evenly across the industries, the mix in Asia is dominated by electronics applications, as well as automotive, electrical, and white goods applications. This market is expected to continue to represent a 7% growth in the medium term. The dynamically developing South American region is currently focused on medical and hygiene uses for specialty tapes; the picture is similar in Africa and the Middle East.  

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